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Friday, February 24, 2012


Ogoh Ogoh monsters are colourful monster sculptures, which are made from bamboo frames and paper mache. They are made in the form of creatures of the underworld known in Balinese as buta-kala. The creatures are based on characters taken from traditional myths and legends, symbolize the evil spirits that one can encounter in life, however in modern times many also take the form of modern characters, including even people in the media or in the government.

Before the Hindu new year, Nyepi, is celebrated in the spring by a day of silence (usually in March) – you can find Ogoh Ogoh *everywhere* in BaliThey are mainly built by the youngsters of the villages and kampungs in the weeks and months before Melasti and Nyepi.

Many people, and specially the youth of Bali, find great fun in creating the Ogoh Ogoh, and the carnival is enjoyed by all.
Parading Ogoh Ogoh on the streets
On the preceding day, all traffic is blocked and the Ogoh-Ogoh monsters are paraded around near the main intersections like village and cities. Finally burned in the evening to drive away evil spirits.
It’s almost like carnival processions in other countries. The kids can stay up long and carry ‘their’ Ogoh Ogoh around. It’s like a beauty competition on who created the most colourful, funny or scary monster. Of course everyone is proud of their creation and the whole proceedings are very noisy and with plenty of drum sound and screaming and laughing. 
Let's go to Bali and participate this event! wink wink;)

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