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Monday, May 7, 2012

Tirtagangga is Holy spring water

Tirtaganggar Water Palace is located in the district of Ubud (Karangasem), about 25 minutes from downtown. Tirtagangga water palace was built by the king of Ubud (Karangasem) in 1948. Before the palace was built, in this garden area there is a large fountain, so that the residents around this tempai called “embukan” meaning spring. The spring is enabled by the inhabitants of surrounding villages to look for drinking water and holy water. Therefore, the spring was sanctified by the surrounding population. From this springs, Karangasem’s king got the idea to establish a palace.
Tirta means water that is blessed and taken from the name of the river Ganges in India. Water from the spring water Tirtaganga regarded as holy by Hindus in Bali. This water is used for religious ceremonies in temples in the area to date. These springs are needed for the ceremony organized by temples around Tirtagangga which can be reached by foot.
Tirtagangga Water Palace is not huge, but it still leaves the beauty of a palace owned by the ruling king Bali. This palace has a swimming pool and swimming-pool water filled with beautiful ornaments. The complex is never closed. To be able to get into this area visitors must purchase tickets in advance and the tickets can be purchased only from 7 am to 4 pm each day.Tirtagangga Park has a cool air and beautiful scenery. The visitors are also allowed to swim in the swimming pool that is here.

From Tirtagangga water palace, you can walk through a small path leading to several traditional villages located in hilly area that has beautiful natural scenery. In this area you can go on a hike to the Lempuyang temple, Kusambi hill, and Budakeling village which has a population of Buddhists. All this place has an impressive scenery and you can not enjoy elsewhere. So, Tirtagangga water palace is a tourist attraction that you must visit when you holiday in Bali.


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