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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Balinese Traditional Food


Balinese Traditional Food

Lawar is Balinese traditional food, well-known in all over Bali and available in many Balinese restaurants. Lawar is mixed vegetable with chopped meat, vegetable, spices, and coconut which tastes is sharpened with natural flavors.
There are various Lawar based on the materials for composing the cooking. Such as Red Lawar and White Lawar which is a large part made of coconut meat and other is vegetable and meat. The vegetables which can be cooked into lawar normally are young bean fruit and jackfruit. Pork lawar is made of pork meat while jackfruit lawar is made of jackfruit. There is also padamare lawar made of many kinds of lawar.
Lawar is usuallu served with rice and other dishes. Lawar is the most favorite cooking during religious ceremony, family rituals or any family occasion. Id there is a ceremony or any event of bali tradition, Lawar is the first plan in cooking activity.

Babi Guling

Babi guling is the more well known as be guling in bali. Actually, be guling can be made of other meats such as duck or chicken. Babi guling is a kind of dish made of a whole suckling pig. It is cooked by taking out its whole bowel and stuffed the inside with spice paste and vegetables such as cassava leaf, then grilled and rolled over a charcoal made from dried coconut shells until its well done.
Babi guling was originally made as ritual offering in Balinese traditional ceremonies as well as religious ceremonies. But nowadays, it can be found in many restaurants and certain hotels in bali area.

Urutan babi

Urutan is Balinese sausage. It is made of pig’s intestines, stuffed with pork meat and spice meats and spice paste inside, and fried until it is brownish. Urutan is usually served with Balinese rice wine.

Balinese satay (sate)

Balinese Traditional Food

Sate is made of sea fish or turtle meat, green coconut, spices and brown sugar. Sate is usually cooked over charcoal made from dried coconut shells on a small ceramic grille, which gives them a delicious smoky and slightly charred flavor. It is beter served right after grilled or while it is still hot and usually served with lawar.

Ayam betutu

Balinese Traditional Food

 Ayam betutu is made of chicken with spices inside. The spices consist of turmeric, ginger, kencur, galangal, onion, garlic, salam leaf and chilies. All these spices are mixed and put inside the chicken.

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