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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Choosing the Best Vacation Rental

best vacation rental
Holiday is such a pleasure, moreover when it comes after hectic days of life. Most people tend to do something they love to spend their holiday. Mostly by going on vacation to beautiful places, shopping or doing hobbies. To you who love to take some trips to the other parts of the earth, you must be aware that going on vacation need a thoughtful plan so everything can go on smoothly.

One thing you may need to pay attention most is probably about choosing vacation rental or we like to call it: hotel. We all know that when we are going to stay several days away from home, we need to have a place that is comfortable enough to stay at. When you are searching for the hotel, though, you need to be aware of what kind of hotel that suits you best.

You need to know the types of hotel available outside there. There are a lot of hotel types, to begin with. However, we may take some popular types of hotel here. Below are the common hotel’s types people like to choose for their vacation:

  • ·         Hotel

An establishment offers lodging service where you can stay at certain periods (usually for short stays). Range from low budget to starred ones, hotel provided a range of facilities, from a basic bed until a luxury features such as en-suite bathroom and private indoor pool. If you are having vacation with your partner or spouse only, this hotel can be the better choice.
best vacation rental

  • ·         Apartment hotel

Built in an apartment building style, this type of hotel offer lodging service where the rooms rented are in apartment form. Just like when you rent apartment, only that there is no fixed contract here, you can check out as you wish.  If you are not sure about your check out date, choosing apartment hotel can be the best choice.
best vacation rental
apartment hotel
  • ·         Hotel Villa

This type of hotel is in a villa style, just like the name suggested. It is the complex of detached home buildings that provides hotel service. When you are travelling with your family or where you want more privacy, renting hotel villa is the best choice. Staying in hotel villa may like stay at home where you can enjoy private swimming pool, kitchen, bathroom and of course bedroom.

best vacation rental
hotel villa

  • ·         Boutique Hotel

This type of hotel provides lodging service between 10 and 100 rooms. It can also be available in smaller number of rooms, only 2 rooms, for example. Often, this boutique hotel provides more luxurious facilities or intimate setting with full service accommodation. If you intend to have more pleasure at your stay, like for example for your wedding anniversary, choosing this boutique hotel is better.
best vacation rental
boutique hotel

  • ·         Motel

If you drive your own motor cycle on your vacation, choosing motel can be better since this type of hotel offer specific parking area for motorcycle. Motel is also often related to low-end hotel. Shall the budget is tight, this hotel can be a good option to make.
best vacation rental

  • ·         Hostel

If you are in a tight budget or you are a backpacker type, hotel is the most suitable type of hotel. This lodging service is usually very cheap. On some cheap hostels, the beds available in bunk bed types, where a group of guests can stay in one room. If you come with your group and all of you want to save more money for your stay, this hostel is the best. Of course, you should be careful to choose the safe hostels.
best vacation rental

So, based on those popular hotel types above, you can conclude that while you are looking for the best vacation rental, your vacation purpose, duration and budget hold important role to think about, right? Hope this find you helpful enough and have a great choice of vacation rental for your vacation.

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