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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Pandawa Beach: Captivating Beauty of A Hidden Beach

What comes into your mind when you’re imagining about a beautiful beach? A long stretched white sand beach with greenish blue ocean waves where the tender breeze flows to your face? A calm beach that lets you enjoy the tranquility of nature while viewing sunrise or sunset? A beach where you can do canoeing or paragliding? Well, it that is all comes to your mind, then, here you are the beach in Bali which may realize your imagination of beautiful beach: Pandawa Beach.

Pandawa Beach

Where is Pandawa Beach?
Pandawa Beach resides in the south of Bali, in a village named Kutuh, Kutu Selatan District, Badung Region. Due to its location that is hidden behind the high cliffs with bushes, Pandawa Beach gained a name ‘Secret Beach’ in the past. This beach is actually quite close to Nusa Dua, being only about 3 kilometers in distance.
This secret beach is actually has been known for a long time, but since it has more difficult access, this beach become less popular among tourists who come to Bali.

Pandawa Beach

Now that Pandawa Beach is recognized to have a great potency to tourism, the local government has opened access to ease tourist reaching the beach. A road of 1,5 kilometers in length has been made through the limestone high cliffs. This road makes the trip to Pandawa Beach so special and elegant because you will feel like going between split cliffs.

Pandawa Beach

Pandawa Beach is named after 5 brothers in Mahabarata literature: Panca Pandawa. That’s why when you enter the area of this beach, you will find five statues of them consecutively: Yudhistira, Bima, Arjuna, Nakula and Sadewa. These five statues are beautifully carved and uniquely they are put in the hole that is made inside the limestone cliffs.

How to go to Pandawa Beach?
From Ngurah Rai Airport in Denpasar, you can arrive at this beach in about an hour by taxi or rental car. You can also start from Kuta to Garuda Wastu Kencana (GWK), then, turn left to Nusa Dua or Bali Cliff. You then just need to pay attention on direction sign with ‘Pantai Pandawa’ on it to turn left until you find four junction, then, follow the route to finally arrive at Pandawa Beach.

Pandawa Beach

What to do in Pandawa Beach?
A lot of nice stuff you can do while you visiting this beach. You just need to be ready to get wet. Swimming in the beach is the main stuff you can do here. In addition, you can also do canoeing or paragliding.
If you don’t like to get wet, you can just relax yourself while sitting in the taverns nearby, drinking coconut water and eating roasted corn. You can also take a walk along the coast to see seaweed farmers doing their routines.

Pandawa Beach

Aside being known as the tourism destination, Pandawa Beach is also known as a place for Hindu ceremony “Melasti” by the local villagers. Therefore, if you come to this beach when the ceremony is held, you will certainly find this beach much more attractive.

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