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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Recommended Restaurants in Seminyak Bali (Part 1)

recommended restaurants in Seminyak

When you visit Bali, you will now find that the areas of Legian until Seminyak—included Kerobokan and Petitenget—become more prominent as the culinary avenue, from light breakfast to exclusive fine dining. In short, you will always find new restaurants that are really happening here.

With so many restaurants available to choose while you are in this area, you can have a big variety of cuisines to enjoy and that is certainly nice stuff, but you may get confused too in deciding which restaurant better. That’s why, I’d like to list several restaurants here for your recommendation. Here they are:

Best Restaurants for Breakfast
There are three best places for breakfast when you are visiting Seminyak.

      1.       The Tuck Shop
             Jl Lasmana 10A, Seminyak, Phone: 0361-736187

Many people may assume this place as The Corner Store, an apparel shop which resides at the same building on the corner of Jalan Lasmana dan Kayu Aya. This restaurant is open from 7 am until 6 pm. It only provides breakfast menu. So, if you are looking for fancy breakfast, this place is very recommended.

      2.       Cafe Moka
            Jl Raya Legian, Seminyak, Phone: 0361-731424

This cafe looks like a patisserie franchise and considered as one of the best in Bali. The building is rather small in Seminyak big avenue. This cafe provided many kinds of pastries such as quiche lorraine, opera, tiramisu, choco mousse, black forest, lemon tart and so forth. You can also get its famous Almond Croissant that is very yummy. For Australians who miss sheppard pie aka meat pie, they can also get it here.

      3.       Biku
This place is something else, really. You can label this one culinary spot as: restaurant, tea lounge, bookshop until antique shop. All is under one roof.

Biku has cozy and bohemian atmosphere makes visitors like to stay longer. Tea served here is very good, if not the best one in Bali. Traditional afternoon tea or also known as high tea is served at about IDR 75,000 per person. In addition to the selected tea, you will also get a small tray of scones with jam and cream, finger sandwiches (salmon, cucumber, ham, mustard, cream cheese), mini quiches and sweet cookies. The scone itself is so special. 

Another feature makes Biku recommended is that this place serves all day breakfast which mean whenever you come, you can always order breakfast menu such as Pinneaple Crepe, Chicken Porridge or Fried Rice. There are also snacks like spring rolls, potato skin and guacamole, caesar salad, burgers and various sandwiches.

recommended restaurants in Seminyak

As for lunch, you can try popular menus such as Sirloin Steak, Nasi Rendang, Nasi Campur, Sop Buntut, Sate Campur, Kashmiri Fish Curry and many more.

Next, selected restaurants for dinner ...


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