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Friday, February 13, 2015

Recommended Restaurants in Seminyak Bali (Part 2)

recommended restaurants in seminyak bali

Fine Dining

It’s easy to find a fine dining place. So many restaurants available to choose, each has its own authentic recipe that will definitely tempting you to taste it again and again. Among so many fine dining restaurants in Seminyak, Kuta, Bali, here are the favorites:
      1.       Metis
This restaurant is located on Jl Petitenget, Seminyak. It’s actually a fraction of an old famous restaurant “Warisan”. The famous chef from Warisan then established this Metis restaurant. This restaurant soon becomes famous fine dining option in Seminyak.

recommended restaurants in seminyak bali

      2.       Cafe Degan
Jl Petitenget 9, Kerobokan Kelod (0361-8893271)
This cafe is owned by Degan Septoadji, a very famous Indonesian Chef that had been working for years in Banyan Tree, Bangkok, Thailand. Chef Degan specialize his cafe menu on Indonesia-Thailand cuisines.

recommended restaurants in seminyak bali

The recommended main menu here such as Bebek Goreng Jawa/Madura/Bali and Pla Neung Manao (steamed fish) ala Thailand. Bebek Goreng (Fried Duck) here is very delicious for its tenderness inside. The steamed fish is also worth your try. In addition, this cafe also has nice deserts.

      3.       Sardine
Not far from the previous place (Cafe Degan), there is a famous restaurant named Sardine. Don’t judge by the name only, the menu is here is certainly not only limited on canned sardines, but also many other delicious foods.

recommended restaurants in seminyak bali

The chef, which is also the owner of this restaurant is a French, provide various fusion cuisines. The place is very cozy with a rice field as a background. You can even choose to eat at a place like gazebo located in the middle of the rice field here.

The menu is simple, duplexed printed. The appetizer you can choose here such as Tuna Carpaccio, Thai Beef Salad, Seabream Sashimi and many more. Before the main course comes, you will be served with a small bowl of Gazpacho (cold soup from blended vegetables).

The main course is unique too. The Grilled Tuna here uses Ponzu sauce like in Japanese food, served with Wakame (seaweed). Or, you can also get Black Mahi Mahi, chicken cuisine that is smoked with black tea. There are, of course, still a lot of choices in the menu. Be ready to full! :D

      4.       Sarong
Jl Petitenget 19X, Kerobokan, (0361) 737809

Right when you come into this restaurant and look at the menu, you will directly realize what kind of cuisines served here. Yes, Sarong provides various selected cuisines from Asia especially Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, China, Vietnam, India and Japan. For the starters, you can choose Peking Duck Rolls, Perkedel Wagyu, or Naan Stuffed with Lamb and Yoghurt.

recommended restaurants in seminyak bali

As for the main course, you can have a bunch of choices such as Thailand Duck Red Curry, Crispy Pork Hock (Philippines), Grilled Lamb Shank, Bebek Panggang, Ikan Bakar (Indonesian), Grilled Beef Salad (Thailand), Tuna Tartar (Japanese fusion), Babi Guling, Lawar Pakis (Bali, Indonesia), Crispy Salmon and so forth.

Talking about foods seem like has no ending, don’t you think so? But, this time that’s all I can recommended to you. Hope you can enjoy the best food during your visit in Bali! See you next time ...

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