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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Bali Traditional Ceremonies

Bali has a lot of traditional ceremonies, which are very unique and interesting to be explored ...

Widely known for its magnificent natural beauty, Bali is also attractive for its unique traditions. This island is home to the biggest Hindus society in Indonesia and therefore, many traditions in Bali are related to Hindu. One of the most popular Bali traditions is traditional ceremonies held by many local Bali residents at particular times. Some ceremonies are very attractive so they draw lost of tourists from around the world.
      1.     Ngaben


Ngaben is probably the most famous traditional ceremonies from Bali. This ceremony is actually to be held to cremate a dead body in order to purify the spirit of the deceased one. This tradition has been done by generations on the island. However, it is a bit difficult to witness Ngaben because this ceremony is rarely held due to its very expensive cost.

      2.     Melasti


Melasti ceremony is one of several ceremonies done before Nyepi. It is conducted three days prior to the day of Nyepi. This ceremony aims to purify human beings, nature and other surroundings from any sacred material. Melasti is usually done in the seashore, lake or river. This ceremony also purposes to ask Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa (God in Hindu) so they can be strong to conduct all rituals in Nyepi.

      3.     Omed-omedan


Omed-omedan is Balinese traditional ceremony held in Banjar Kaja, Sesetan, Denpasar only. This ceremony has been done for generations since hundred years ago. What makes omed-omedan unique is that this ceremony involves the youth only. Omed-omedan is held every year a day after Nyepi.

      4.     Mesuryak


This Bali unique traditional ceremony is held in Banjar Bongan, Bali. Mesuryak is done by throwing up coins in the day of Kuningan or ten days after Galungan day. The aim is to present provision to the ancestry, which is believed coming in the day of Galungan and return to Nirvana on the Kuningan Day.

      5.     Mesangih/Mepandes/Metatah


This is a teeth filing ceremony and a religious tradition for Bali-Hindu. This ceremony is a part of Manusa Yadnya ceremony. The ceremony is conducted by filing six upper teeth that look like fang, It aims to reduce the human’s vice (those who follow the ceremony).

      6.     Megibung


Megibung is Balinese traditional ceremony done by eating together in one place. It is usually held in Karangasem, a regency on the east side of Bali. This tradition is a part of many religious traditions in Karangasem.

      7.     Mekare-kare (Perang Pandan (Pandanus war)


This Bali traditional ceremony is held in Tenganan Village, Karangasem. It is held every year in June. Mekare-kare is offering ceremony done to honor Indra (the God of War for Hindu) and the ancestry. Tenganan village itself is an old Balinese village or also know as Bali Aga.

      8.     Ngurek


Among so many Bali-Hindu traditional ceremonies, Ngurek is probably the most extreme one. This ceremony is done by stabbing a part of one’s own body. The one who stab his own body is possessed so he should not feel any pain. Ngurek is a part of Dewa Yadnya (self-sacrifice for the God in Hindu belief).  

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