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Friday, March 20, 2015

Nyepi: When Bali at Its Utmost Tranquility

Bali. What comes into your mind when you heard the name? Stunning beaches? Temples? Dances? Surfing paradise? Spellbinding nightlife? Oh, yeach, all of those are just certain things you’re going to find in Bali. And with all of that so-alive stuff, can you imagine a day in the island where no moves and sound from human are found? It may sound impossible, but such day really exists. The day is Nyepi. It is the time when you will find Bali at its utmost tranquility.

Nyepi, When Bali at Its Utmost Tranquility

Of course, there are still human moves and sound in the island. But, just believe me, all the sounds and moves are rarely found. They may only come from those in urgent or specific matters such village patrol, for instance. There is a kind of village patrol to ensure that all people are respecting the sacred day.

It is really amazing to find Bali at such state, so quiet, silent and tranquil. This is because most Balinese are Hindu who celebrate Nyepi. Those who are not Hindu respect the day as well by being considerate no to raise any noise. In the day of Nyepi, they have 4 (four) prohibitions:

  • Do not work/do any activity (amati karya)
  • Do not turn on the lamp/fire/stove (amati geni)
  • Do not go anywhere (amati lelungan)
  • Do not make a trip/travel/picnic/have fun (amati lelanguan)

Therefore, for you who want to go to Bali, it’s recommended to change the date or advance the date of your itinerary so you won’t be arrive or leave on Nyepi Day. This is because Pekraman (Bali villages) and the local government will not give any courtesy to anybody, except for the local residents that are injured or ill and must be taken to hospital.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Why Choosing Hotel Villa

Why Choosing Hotel Villa

Vacation seems like a swimming pool in an August day. It is something you treasure so much since it gives you opportunity to get rid of your daily routines. That’s why after deciding the destination for the vacation, finding the right place to stay is definitely crucial. You sure do not want your vacation ruined because of the wrong choice of vacation rental, do you?

Why Choosing Hotel Villa

Among so many types of lodging services available today, hotel villa is likely the best type to choose. Hotel villa can give you more advantages, especially to you who seek for exclusive and more private vacation. This is probably the main reason to why many people do not mind to pay more for staying at the hotel villa. Also, you do not need to worry as many hotel villas provide outstanding services to ensure your satisfaction during the stay. Capable staffs, chefs and butler are employed to assure your stay in the villa going as nice as you want. They are also trained well to solve any problem should it appears.

Why Choosing Hotel Villa

All in all, here are the upsides you can get by staying at the villa:

·         More privacy
With separated building from the other guest makes your privacy is guaranteed.

·         Homey feeling
Many hotel villas are designed as comfortable as possible to duplicate the homey feeling of real home.

·         Private pool
You can take the whole swimming pool for yourself and family. You are free to do stuff as you like, you can even get naked in the pool if you want. You just need to put the sign “DND (Do Not Disturb)” on the entrance door. With the private pool, you can also easily watch any activities of your children to ensure their safety.

Why Choosing Hotel Villa

·         Chef or butler
You can request the breakfast or another meal to be cooked in the way you like at the time you want in the villa. This makes your breakfast or dinner more special.

·        Private party
On some occasion, you may hold small private party with your friends or families, hiring a DJ, dancer or others. Of course you need to consult this stuff with the hotel villa manager first. Some villas may allow, but some other may not.