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Sunday, January 10, 2016

The New Astonishing Bali Beauty: Gunung Payung Beach

Bali is famous with its stunning beaches, but here you are another hidden beautiful beach of the island.

Gunung Payung Beach

After posting about Pandawa Beach and Padang Padang Beach, this time I’d like to write about another stunning hidden beach, still in Bali and which is not far from Pandawa Beach. The name is Gunung Payung Beach. Unlike Pandawa Beach that has become so popular among domestic and international tourists, Gunung Payung Beach is still foreign. However, due to its remarkable natural beauty, this beach is predicted to be soon famous as the other beach.

Where is Gunung Payung Beach?
Gunung Payung Beach is located in Kutuh Village, Kuta Selatan (South Kuta) District and is the part of Badung Regency. To be precise, its location is in the eastern side of Pandawa Kutuh Bali. If you set out from Pandawa Kutuh Beach, the distance is about 4.5 kilometers or about 20 minutes drive.

Nearby the beach, you will find a temple names Gunung Payung. Hence, the beach is named after the temple.

The road to Gunung Payung Beach has been paved, but the nearest road to the beach is still a road of limestone. Nevertheless, it is passable for cars and motorcycles. Along the way on the right side, you will find wild grass and bushes.

At the end of the road, you can park the vehicles, but to arrive until the seashore, you must down the stairs of about 300 steps. So, be sure you are in 100% fit when you decide to go to this beach.

As your steps coming closer to the beach, you will directly welcome by the mesmerizing beach view. Feel how the breeze tenderly touch your face. And the fresh air you breathe, your effort in reaching it is soon be paid!

What to do in Gunung Payung Beach?
As Gunung Payung Beach is still hidden, there is no villa, hotel nor restaurants found nearby the beach. You will not find any food stalls either. Therefore, you must bring enough foods and drink when you want to visit this beach.

The scenery of the beach is definitely a sight to behold. Everything nearby is still virgin and natural. The white sand at the sea shore is so soft and clean, the seawater is greenish blue. Such beauty is even more enchanting due to the absence of crowd. You will not find many people around this beach. Certainly, this beach is a paradise if you want to stay calm enjoying nature with quiet surrounding.

Gunung Payung Beach

Most people visiting Gunung Payung Beach to savor its natural beauty and serenity. They are probably just walking at the seashore or sitting on its white sand. However, nowadays you may find some visitors do paragliding in this beach.

What to remember when you decide to swim in this beach is you have to be ready to bear the sticky effect of dried sea water on your body. It is because there is no any fresh water provider here. Also, always remember to keep the place clean from any trash as there is no cleaning service either.

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