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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Nyepi Day in Bali

Nyepi Day in Bali

Nyepi is a very special day in Bali. It is the Balinese New Year and the date is determined using the Lunar Caka calendar. The night of the first new moon between march and april will be the eve of Nyepi. Legend has it that on this day, Yama, the lord of evil, opens his gates and all evil deities descend upon the island. A lot of ceremonies start on this day. Some people told me it is to scare away the bad spirits.

Whatever you have been told, the eve of Nyepi will be a spectacular procedure of carrying some great paper Mache and bamboo monsters (the bad spirits will take possession of the monsters for one evening). Later there will be fireworks and all the streets will be closed for these monster parades, the Balinese call them Ogoh Ogoh, they take over the island for one night.

Nyepi Day in Bali

If you are here on holiday you will have to be careful and please try to respect the Balinese customs on these special two days.

The eve of Nyepi starts almost everywhere in Bali around lunchtime. A lot of streets, even main streets like the bypass will be closed later in the afternoon. So if you would like to see some parades be aware that you might not be able to make your way back in a taxi or on a motor bike, as the parades move on, the traffic will be shut down in all areas. The balinese will be carrying the monsters through the streets and turn them around (so the monster looses orientation and cannot find the way home) and then they will burn them.

Nyepi Day in Bali

The next day from 6am for 24h until 6am the next day that is Nyepi day - Nobody is allowed in the streets so make sure you find your way home by then. No electricity or electronics are allowed to use all day, even the airport is closed, only emergency transports are allowed in the streets. It is the believe that because the island is silent and dark, including the houses, that the bad spirits will leave the island and the new year starts in peace. To make sure that none of the bad spirits is hiding in any of the houses, the Balinese will walk through their houses the night before silent day and bang some pans to chase them out.


Monday, February 25, 2013

Lovina Beach - Dolphin Beach

Lovina Beach

Lovina is one of the famous tourist places in north part of Bali which own beautiful of calm sea water, blackish chromatic sand and the sea with its dolphin. One of the favorite fascinations in Lovina is dolphin watching tour. Hundreds of dolphins can be seen in the morning time around 1 km offshore. We can see the dolphin attractions in this place like jumping. It is not fail to draw if the tourist has the time to see the sunset here. Lovina area is also supported by the number of tourism fascination which is can be reached from this location. Places of interests around Lovina are Hot Water Banjar, Wihara Budha (Buddies shrine), Gigit Waterfall and some countryside exist around the location.

Lovina is officially located in Kalibukbuk area and covering some countryside like Pemaron, Tukad Mungga, Anturan and Kalibukbuk countryside. Kalibugbug countryside itself is located in Buleleng sub district, meanwhile the Kaliasem and Temukus countryside are located in Banjar sub district where it both of them are belong to Buleleng regency. The eastern countryside is called Pemaron about 5 Km west of Singaraja, and the western countryside is Temukus about 12 Km west of Singaraja.

Lovina Beach is a Tourist Destination in Bali
The center of activities in Lovina area is located 10 Km from Singaraja town. Nowadays, Lovina area is becoming the center of tourism activities in north part of Bali and offer many kind of accommodations, restaurants, bars, beach activities, art shops, bank, transportation etc. The accommodations in this area are a available from the star hotel class until small hotel even the home stay for the low budget travelers. As a tourist area and center of tourism in Singaraja, Lovina get the biggest visit from tourist who visiting north part of Bali. It is estimated by 90% from tourist who pay a visit to north part of Bali will in Lovina.


There are no clear sources or evidence hit the name of Lovina genesis. Pursuant to the reference of the children from Anak Agung Panji Tisna, the clan of famous Buleleng King that the name of Lovina is given by him which is located in Kaliasem countryside, where at the first time he build a bungalow as a resort. He said that the name of Lovina is taken away from a name of small hotel in India that is lafeina whereabouts he stayed and write the book with the title of Ni Ketut Widhi. This book is translated into some languages. In memory of the hotel name, hence the ownership lands give the Lovina name. But there is also other version that is Lovina Name is given caused by its 2 Santen trees are planted by him and grow embracing each other. In this case Lovina is coming from Latin Language that mean is loving each other or love. Then Lovina's name is interpreted as abbreviation from Love and Ina and it is interpreted as Love to Indonesia.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Joger Bali: A factory of humorous souvenirs

Joger - Bali

Joger is an award winning shop that sells souvenir goods such as T-shirts, sandals, statues, traditional handicrafts and certain avant-garde merchandises. The shop I went to was their second store in Baturiti, Tabanan and damn was it big. You can practically find almost everything you would see on the street souvenir shops in that one building.
If you can’t speak or read Indonesian, this souvenir shop may not necessarily be for you, unless of course you are looking for cheap handicraft. Joger is a souvenir shop that is highly popular among domestic tourists as it primarily sells t-shirt with jokes written on it. Personally, I find the jokes to be rather lame, but that’s what makes it funny. For example, instead of a ‘Toilet’ sign on the shop wall, you would see ‘translated: The central office where you are to dump excessive digested energy’. Yeah, sounds super lame right?
Definitely recommend if you are in Bali to visit it. Just mention the name ‘Joger’ to any local, most will know what and where it is. I guarantee it.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Romance and relationship

Every dating relationship needs romance to stay alive. Most couples have little issue with finding romantic ideas to share with their partner early on, but after the new relationship energy has worn off it may take a bit of time and creativity to get the romance flowing again. Without romance, couples can easily fall into a rut of day-to-day living. What was once hot and steamy can become boring, routine or even sibling-like.
Valentine’s Day is a perfect example of a romantic thing to celebrate. Being romantic comes down to being aware. Although this list of romantic ideas is a great point to start from, it is in no means exhaustive. Just as each of us is uniquely wired individuals, each person needs and craves romance in a different way.
Listen and be aware of what your partner is saying to you every single day. If they bemoan a social obligation, surprise them with a special piece of clothing perfect for the occasion. Are they partial to flowers? Then go outside and grab a couple of blooms from the garden to put alongside their morning meal. Know they hate doing a particular chore or errand? Do it for them. Have they been running ragged of late with no time to themselves? Give them a day off and pamper them with things that refuel them personally: a beloved book, video game, spa treatment, trip to the beach, or home cooked meal.
Sometimes these types of romantic ideas go unnoticed - which can be a tad unnerving. If that's the case, give your partner a kiss and let them know you took care of things for them, or have a special surprise to thank them. Then, leave it at that. It may take a little bit for the act to sink in, but it your forethought and kindness will be appreciated as long as you are romantic because you care - and not because you are expecting a specific reaction in return.
Here are 10 romantic beach ideas to jump-start your romance!
1) Take a moonlight walk along the shore - Stroll along the sandy beach, hand in hand, and talk about anything under the sun - or moon, as the case may be. A moonlit stroll, just the two of you, can be one of the most relaxing, romantic beach ideas you may find.
2) Splash in the surf - chase each other around in the waves! Play tag, and the one caught must give the other a kiss. Or make up your own rewards for the winner.
3) Share a blanket together - spread a quilt or blanket on the sand, under a shady umbrella, and just lay back. Take a nap, or snuggle. No agenda, no cell phones, no interruptions. This time is for you!
4) Build a sand castle together - re-discover your inner kid and construct a sand castle. This project can't help but improve your couple communication skills, and you'll have a sense of achievement when you view the finished product.
5) Find a great spot for romantic beach photos - take turns snapping photos of each other with the sand, waves, and shore as your backdrop. Destinations like Jekyll Island's Driftwood Beach provide fantastic photo ops.
6) Fly a kite together - this brings back memories of childhood innocence. Kites are perfect for
bringing couples together, and there's something about watching that flimsy contraption of paper and string floating on the breeze.
7) Have a picnic on the beach - great romantic beach ideas include picnics on the sand. Spread a blanket, unpack your picnic basket (be sure to include a bottle of wine!), and lay back. With a picnic on the beach, you can feed each other (both literally and figuratively).
8) Attend a beach music festival - many resort destinations put on beach music festivals that include live bands and dancing. Just make sure you stay hydrated!

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Beach Holiday

Imagine a perfect beach where you can swim,
Surf, splash through the waves, makes sandcastles,
Hunt for treasures, explore rock pools, muck about
In boats, fish from the jetty, and build a bonfire
Under the stars.
Imagine a beach where adventure begins...

-Alison lester-

There's no doubt that the luxury of lying on a beach for a few weeks' holiday can be just the tonic needed for a busy lifestyle. But, according to research, there seems to be genuine psychological benefits to a spell, however short, spent beside the sea. A study has found that a walk on the beach has more impact on emotional well being than a stroll in the park. 

Being beside the sea has long been a way of recharging your batteries, but a study suggests it has real psychological benefits. Research looked at data on 2.750 participants aged 8-80 in a two-year study of people’s engagement with the natural environment. All outdoor locations were associated with positive feelings of enjoyment, calmness and refreshment.

Seminyak Beach - Bali

Bali, one of the most scenic islands we have here in Indonesia, located on the south side of Indonesian archipelago. True paradise holiday you ever dreamed is here in Bali with its varied landscape of hills and mountains, rugged coastlines and sandy beaches, lush rice terraces and barren volcanic hillsides all providing a picturesque backdrop to its colorful, deeply spiritual and unique culture, stakes a serious claim to be paradise on earth.

Bali Panorama

Quieter than any other beaches in Bali, Seminyak is an exception. With crystal-clear turquoise waters and unspoiled natural environment, Seminyak beach is the most tranquil in Bali. It stuns visitors with fine blend of exotic balinese atmosphere and splendid nature. Each year tens of thousands come to slip off their shoes and walk for hours, or to take a swim and surf in the pristine waters of Seminyak.

Seminyak is an upmarket tourist destination, offering mostly high-end accommodation, restaurants and bars. The area is dotted with more than 50 hotels, spas and villas, from mid-range to the most luxurious, each of which having its own aesthetic characteristics and appeal. A very popular place with resident expatriates and tourists alike, accommodation prices in Seminyak are among the highest in Bali. You will have a hard time finding backpacker joints here.

Beach Holiday

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