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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

5 Traveling Tips in Wet Season

This is what you should prepare for traveling in Bali during wet season.

Do you want to still be able enjoying your travel even when the days are rainy? If your answer is yes, then, you should follow these 5 traveling tips in wet season below.

1. Checking weather forecast
It would be better to check the weather in your destination at least one day prior. This way you can anticipate the worst thing might happen. You can check it from reliable weather forecast like For example, simply enter phrase like “weather forecast bali” on your browser search (e.g. Google search), you will directly get the weather forecast in Bali within a week.

traveling tips in wet season

If you haven’t install weather application in your smartphone, then, do install it before your travel begins. It will be handy to have it while travelling.

2. Choosing indoor destination

Although your main interest in visiting Bali is probably to enjoy its enchanting beaches, you will not have any other choices but to stay indoor when it rains. So, it is necessary to make several plan to anticipate case like this. Don’t be reluctant to add indoor destination in your list. Bali still has a bunch indoor attractions, so no need to worry to travel to this island even in wet season. You can visit Bali Museum, Devdan Show, Balinese Dance Performance, and many other attractions that are held indoor.

3. Bringing jacket/sweater

traveling tips in wet season

When it comes to rainy/wet season, it’s better to add some warmer clothes into your travel bag. Although it won’t be too cold as winter in four season country, but the wind still can make you cold.

4. Bringing umbrella

traveling tips in wet season

Although you can rent it easily on any destinations, bringing it on your own will be much better. Folding umbrella is very convenient to be put into almost any bag, but will be a big help when rain suddenly falls.

5. Warm culinary tour

traveling tips in wet season

Culinary tour is always fascinating. Picking warmer culinary will be a good choice in wet season. In Bali, you can try delicious warm foods such as bubur ayam bali, nasi ayam bali, nasi campur spesial, ayam betutu, and many more.

In addition to these 5 traveling tips in wet season, it would be better to put on waterproof footwear so you won’t be in much trouble in case you have to go through the rain.

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Thursday, February 4, 2016

10 Best Destinations in Bali for Kids

There are actually many places suitable for kids recreation in Bali, but here I would like to recommend these 10 destinations. Check this out, best destination in Bali for your kids.

1. Turtle Island

best destination in Bali for kids

Turtle Island can be the best destination for any family with little children. This island is located in Tanjung Benoa, Bali. In this Turtle Island, you can take them to motorboat with glass bottom. After being about 300 until 500 meters from the shore, you and the children can see things under the sea through the glass bottom of the boat. Stunning view such as coral reef and many kinds of fish will definitely amaze you. Your children can also feed the fish.

2. New Kuta Green Park Pecatu

best destination in Bali for kids

New Kuta Green Park Pecatu is very suitable for kids as well. It is similar to Waterbom Bali, where the water attractions become its main point. This spot is relatively new as it is just built in 2010.

3. Waterbom Bali

best destination in Bali for kids

Here you can find various water attraction for kids such as:
  • water slides
  • massage and spa treatment
  • restaurants and bar

4. Bali Safari and Marine Park

best destinations in Bali for kids

This place is designed with Balinese architectural style and atmosphere. Bali Safari and Marine Park is another good choice you can make when you want to take your children in your vacation. In this park, you can find many kinds of animal. There are 50 species, included protected and rare animals.

5. Pondok Pekak Ubud

Pondok Pekak is located in Ubud. This place is a kind of library provides books about environment. At first, this place is only visited by expatriates who live in Ubud with their children.

6. Devdan Show

best destination in Bali for kids

Devdan Show is theatrical performance, which is very good for children. Devdan show introduce and convey information about Indonesian culture.

7. Miniapolis Bali

best destinations in Bali for kids

This place is located from 3 Mall Beachwalk Bali. This place is recommended for kids because you can find many kids facilities here, all is clean and comfortable. Besides, its location is very close to Kuta Beach.

8. Circus Water Park

best destinations in Bali for kids

Circus Water Park Kuta Bali is another water attraction for kids in Bali. Here you can find various water recreation activities such as spiral slide, wave slide, trampoline, lazy river and speed slide.

9. Bali Bird Park

best destinations in Bali for kids

Bali Safari park is one of the biggest bird park in Indonesia. There are more than 1000 kinds of bird are bred here. You can see the beautiful birds like Cendrawasih, Kasuari, pigeons, pelican, crane, parrot, Bali myna (Bali Starling) and many other birds.

10. Alas Kedaton

best destinations in Bali for kids

There are many monkeys that you can see in Alas Kedaton. Your children can feed the animals with banana, peanuts or other fruits. The foods for the monkeys can be bought nearby the area.

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