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Friday, July 3, 2015

Ramadan in Bali: A Beautiful Tolerance in Diversity

Ever curious of how Ramadan in Bali is? Here is a little note about it ...


While more than 84 percents of Balinese are Hindu, this does not mean the other religions get a difficult life in the island. Like for example, Muslim in Bali. Although they are the minority—being only about 13.5 percents of the total population—they can still do their religious activities at ease. The same thing goes when Ramadan is coming.

As you might have known already, Ramadan is a holy month for Muslim. In this month, the Muslim is required to do fasting—an act of willing abstinence from all foods, drinks and carnality for a period of time—as what has been taught by Muhammad SAW, the last prophet in Islam. The Muslim in Bali, apparently, can do their fasting without any difficulty. Although all entertainment and hospitality industry keeps going on, they are not disturbed at all. Tolerance has become the core in their daily life in the island of Hindu.


For any Muslim who wants to travel to Bali during Ramadan time, you should not be worry too. You can still easily find Halal foods for your iftar or sahar/sehri/sehr. The most famous place that has a rich Ramadan atmosphere is Banjar Wanasari or also known as Kampung Jawa or Kampung Muslim. It is located on Jalan A. Yani, West Denpasar, Bali. Here you can find many kinds of takjil (food and drinks for iftar). The prices of the foods and drinks sold here are also very cheap. So, it is very delightful to visit this area if you come to Bali during Ramadan time.

The other option, if you stay at the hotels or villa in Bali during Ramadan, you can specify your food orders to have only halal foods and drinks by telling the staffs. They will be happily assisting you in getting the foods you want. Like our villa, if you stay with us, we can help you to order any halal foods and even vegetarian ones.

Overall, Ramadan in Bali is as beautiful as in the other cities in Indonesia where Muslim is the majority. So, not to worry if you come to Bali in Ramadan.