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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Chinese New Year in Bali

Chinese New Year in Bali

Having  a quite large population of Chinese, Indonesia has its own way in celebrating Chinese New Year, which is also known as Imlek in Bahasa Indonesia. And Bali is not an exception.

It’s been known for years that many tourists from China like to spend their New Year holiday by having vacation in Bali. Most of these Chinese tourists come in group instead of travelling individually. On the day of Chinese New Year, many of them will visit some monasteries in Bali to pray as they do when they are in their home country.

If you are one of those celebrating this Chinese New Year or want to know what Chinese New Year in Bali like, you can visit some popular monasteries such as Vihara Satya Dharma that is located in Denpasar. This is the biggest monastery in Bali.

The celebration of Chinese New Year in Bali is very supported by the local government and Balinese nearby the monastery. Usually there are Balinese security officers (called as ima pecalang) that help the police men to control the traffic so the praying activity can smoothly done.

Besides Vihara Satya Dharma, you can also go to some temples such as Candi Narmada Denpasar which is close to Pura Candi Narmada. It is common to find people pray here. Some people even go to pray in Pura Candi Narmada as well.

Chinese New Year in Bali

You can also find the celebration of the Chinese New Year in many shopping places such as in Lippo Mall Kuta or Mall Bali Galeria. All in all, visiting Bali in the time of Chinese New Year will give you different insight of this island. It is unique and of course in a good way.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Why You Should Visit Seminyak

Why You Should Visit Seminyak

When it comes to Bali, certainly there is a bunch of destinations you can choose. Almost any place of the island has amazing side worth your visit. However, among so many popular and beautiful places in Bali now, Seminyak is probably the most prominent one.
Located in Badung district, Seminyak offers lot facilities that will add more pleasure to your vacation in Bali. World class service of hotels, villas, spas, beauty parlors, bars, shops and restaurants are available to fulfill your desire of luxurious vacation in the stunning island. Seminyak Bali is close to several beautiful gorgeous beaches, so you definitely won’t miss any chance of exotic sunset or sunrise viewing.

Why You Should Visit Seminyak

To you who wish for a high class vacation, Seminyak is the right place to choose. Although this means you should spend more money, all your effort is worth it. Vacation in Seminyak Bali will certainly enhance your mood, refreshing your body and mind with all facilities available here supported with its natural beauty.
There are eight beaches close to Seminyak that is very interesting and should be visited when you visit this area. These beaches are as below:
1.   Batu Mejan Beach
2.   Dreamland Beach
3.   Bingin Beach
4.   Geger Beach
5.   Echo Beach
6.   Gumicik Beach
7.   Double Six Beach
8.   Berawa Beach
Each beach above has its own charm that surely will mesmerize you. In Double Six Beach, for example, you can try to play bungee jumping that will spur your adrenaline. If you dare to try this play, it is better to do it at evening or night since you can do it while enjoying the view of sunset in the beach or night view. You just need to pay about IDR 500,000 to join this bungee jumping.

Why You Should Visit Seminyak

The beaches in Seminyak are similar to Kuta Beach Bali since their location is close. However, many say that you can get more tranquility when you enjoy sunset in Seminyak than in the crowded Kuta. For romantic vacation or honeymoon, certainly Seminyak would be the best. So, no need to worry about its high prices since you will get what you want here.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Recommended Restaurants in Seminyak Bali (Part 2)

recommended restaurants in seminyak bali

Fine Dining

It’s easy to find a fine dining place. So many restaurants available to choose, each has its own authentic recipe that will definitely tempting you to taste it again and again. Among so many fine dining restaurants in Seminyak, Kuta, Bali, here are the favorites:
      1.       Metis
This restaurant is located on Jl Petitenget, Seminyak. It’s actually a fraction of an old famous restaurant “Warisan”. The famous chef from Warisan then established this Metis restaurant. This restaurant soon becomes famous fine dining option in Seminyak.

recommended restaurants in seminyak bali

      2.       Cafe Degan
Jl Petitenget 9, Kerobokan Kelod (0361-8893271)
This cafe is owned by Degan Septoadji, a very famous Indonesian Chef that had been working for years in Banyan Tree, Bangkok, Thailand. Chef Degan specialize his cafe menu on Indonesia-Thailand cuisines.

recommended restaurants in seminyak bali

The recommended main menu here such as Bebek Goreng Jawa/Madura/Bali and Pla Neung Manao (steamed fish) ala Thailand. Bebek Goreng (Fried Duck) here is very delicious for its tenderness inside. The steamed fish is also worth your try. In addition, this cafe also has nice deserts.

      3.       Sardine
Not far from the previous place (Cafe Degan), there is a famous restaurant named Sardine. Don’t judge by the name only, the menu is here is certainly not only limited on canned sardines, but also many other delicious foods.

recommended restaurants in seminyak bali

The chef, which is also the owner of this restaurant is a French, provide various fusion cuisines. The place is very cozy with a rice field as a background. You can even choose to eat at a place like gazebo located in the middle of the rice field here.

The menu is simple, duplexed printed. The appetizer you can choose here such as Tuna Carpaccio, Thai Beef Salad, Seabream Sashimi and many more. Before the main course comes, you will be served with a small bowl of Gazpacho (cold soup from blended vegetables).

The main course is unique too. The Grilled Tuna here uses Ponzu sauce like in Japanese food, served with Wakame (seaweed). Or, you can also get Black Mahi Mahi, chicken cuisine that is smoked with black tea. There are, of course, still a lot of choices in the menu. Be ready to full! :D

      4.       Sarong
Jl Petitenget 19X, Kerobokan, (0361) 737809

Right when you come into this restaurant and look at the menu, you will directly realize what kind of cuisines served here. Yes, Sarong provides various selected cuisines from Asia especially Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, China, Vietnam, India and Japan. For the starters, you can choose Peking Duck Rolls, Perkedel Wagyu, or Naan Stuffed with Lamb and Yoghurt.

recommended restaurants in seminyak bali

As for the main course, you can have a bunch of choices such as Thailand Duck Red Curry, Crispy Pork Hock (Philippines), Grilled Lamb Shank, Bebek Panggang, Ikan Bakar (Indonesian), Grilled Beef Salad (Thailand), Tuna Tartar (Japanese fusion), Babi Guling, Lawar Pakis (Bali, Indonesia), Crispy Salmon and so forth.

Talking about foods seem like has no ending, don’t you think so? But, this time that’s all I can recommended to you. Hope you can enjoy the best food during your visit in Bali! See you next time ...

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Recommended Restaurants in Seminyak Bali (Part 1)

recommended restaurants in Seminyak

When you visit Bali, you will now find that the areas of Legian until Seminyak—included Kerobokan and Petitenget—become more prominent as the culinary avenue, from light breakfast to exclusive fine dining. In short, you will always find new restaurants that are really happening here.

With so many restaurants available to choose while you are in this area, you can have a big variety of cuisines to enjoy and that is certainly nice stuff, but you may get confused too in deciding which restaurant better. That’s why, I’d like to list several restaurants here for your recommendation. Here they are:

Best Restaurants for Breakfast
There are three best places for breakfast when you are visiting Seminyak.

      1.       The Tuck Shop
             Jl Lasmana 10A, Seminyak, Phone: 0361-736187

Many people may assume this place as The Corner Store, an apparel shop which resides at the same building on the corner of Jalan Lasmana dan Kayu Aya. This restaurant is open from 7 am until 6 pm. It only provides breakfast menu. So, if you are looking for fancy breakfast, this place is very recommended.

      2.       Cafe Moka
            Jl Raya Legian, Seminyak, Phone: 0361-731424

This cafe looks like a patisserie franchise and considered as one of the best in Bali. The building is rather small in Seminyak big avenue. This cafe provided many kinds of pastries such as quiche lorraine, opera, tiramisu, choco mousse, black forest, lemon tart and so forth. You can also get its famous Almond Croissant that is very yummy. For Australians who miss sheppard pie aka meat pie, they can also get it here.

      3.       Biku
This place is something else, really. You can label this one culinary spot as: restaurant, tea lounge, bookshop until antique shop. All is under one roof.

Biku has cozy and bohemian atmosphere makes visitors like to stay longer. Tea served here is very good, if not the best one in Bali. Traditional afternoon tea or also known as high tea is served at about IDR 75,000 per person. In addition to the selected tea, you will also get a small tray of scones with jam and cream, finger sandwiches (salmon, cucumber, ham, mustard, cream cheese), mini quiches and sweet cookies. The scone itself is so special. 

Another feature makes Biku recommended is that this place serves all day breakfast which mean whenever you come, you can always order breakfast menu such as Pinneaple Crepe, Chicken Porridge or Fried Rice. There are also snacks like spring rolls, potato skin and guacamole, caesar salad, burgers and various sandwiches.

recommended restaurants in Seminyak

As for lunch, you can try popular menus such as Sirloin Steak, Nasi Rendang, Nasi Campur, Sop Buntut, Sate Campur, Kashmiri Fish Curry and many more.

Next, selected restaurants for dinner ...

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

5 Most Romantic Places in Bali

most romantic places in Bali

Bali never ceases to attract people from around the globe to visit and admire its beauty. You will always meet various visitors with various purposes come to Bali every time. This island is definitely an island of paradise for its endless amazing tourism spots. Ranges from beautiful beaches, green rice fields and forests, blue mountains, tranquil lakes, stunning waterfalls until unique and interesting traditional Balinese cultures, Bali will amaze you to no end, give you unforgettable and remarkable time when you choose to spend your holiday or special moments there.

For newlywed couples or romantic couples that want to carve memorable experience of their love life, Bali is certainly the best destination to opt. With its exoticness and beauty, you and your beloved one should find this island as a great place to enrich the love between. So that you can find the right place for your romantic holiday in Bali, I would be more than glad to reckon these five places below. Here you are:

      1.     Ubud
Ubud rural area is often called as Heaven for Spa Lovers. Villages in Ubud are well-known for their beauty perfect for resting and relaxation place. Here you will see beautiful green rice fields in shape like stairs with green hills at the background. The air in Ubud villages is fresh and nice, make your stay here more comforting, peaceful. If you are looking for a tranquil place to spend more quality time with your spouse, choosing Ubud is recommended. Here you will be like closer to the nature.

most romantic places in Bali

      2.     Lovina Beach
Lovina Beach is quite far from the capital city Denpasar, however you shouldn’t be reluctant to visit this beach. Why? Simply because it is definitely a sight to behold. Lovina Beach has its own exoticness with natural dolphin parade at the center of its sea. You can also take a walk on its long black sand beach with your spouse while enjoying the panorama.
most romantic places in Bali

      3.     Jimbaran
Jimbaran has been long known as fisherman area. This town is famous as the center of seafood cuisines. Supported with high facilities nearby such as world class hotels and restaurants, planning dinner in Jimbaran can be a great choice, especially for newlywed who wants to have romantic dinner.
Along the shore, you can find many rows of tables and chairs neatly arranged. You can order various delicious seafood where you can decide the cook method of that seafood based on your favorite.

most romantic places in Bali

      4.     Uluwatu
Uluwatu is very popular as the place for wedding reception. You can take your spouse here in the evening to watch Kecak Dance—which is a famous traditional unique group dance from Bali. Or, you can also enjoy listening to music that will certainly appear romantic atmosphere in your date.
Then, you can close the night with a dinner in one of many cafes that reside along the cliff in Uluwatu. This is so romantic, isn’t it?

      5.     Legian dan Seminyak Beach
The next recommended romantic place is Legian and Seminyak Beach. These two beaches are located in Kuta and close to each other. Since they are located in the same and close beach line, you will find that these two beaches are similar to Kuta Beach, only that they are not as crowded as Kuta. And because they are less crowded, you can plan your date better in one of these two beaches. You can view sunset together at Seminyak Beach, for example.

most romantic places in Bali

Hope these five romantic places in Bali can give you ideas in planning your romantic holiday or honeymoon. Never forget to plan everything carefully so your vacation will go on smoothly. Have a great great romantic moment ^_<