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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Bali - Tanah Lot Temple

Most people are familiar with the temple at Tanah Lot from articles and travel brochures; it is certainly one of the most photographed spots in Bali, and for good reason. The temple was originally built on a spit of land which was connected to the mainland by an arch a land bridge. An earthquake destroyed the archway, leaving the temple standing alone on what is now an island. At high tide, the temple is completely cut off from the land and waves break dramatically on its shores.

The proper name for Pura Tanah Lot is Pura Pakendungan and it was founded in the 16th century. According to legend, entry to the temple is guarded by sea snakes.

The temple is closed to visitors, which is probably a good thing given the large number of tour buses that come every day. Most people come for sunset, so if you want peace and quiet, try visiting at another time. There are some trails that allow you to wander around a bit and explore some other lesser temples. There is also a well-established bevy of touts and vendors, should you want to do a little souvenir shopping or get something to drink.

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  1. Tanah Lot very wonderful...

  2. It's been a while i haven't visited there. It is indeed wonderful. I should spend sometimes to visit Tanah Lot :)