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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ngaben cremation ceremony

Ngaben cremation ceremony is held in Bali, especially by the Hindu religion, where religion is the majority Hindu island in the Thousand Temples. In the Panca Yadnya, including in this ceremony Pitra Yadnya, the ceremony is intended to lelulur spirit. Ngaben meaning of the ceremony was essentially a return to ancestral spirits (of those who have died) to the place of origin. A man has Pedanda said Davis, sayings, eyelash, and after Davis died, sayings, IDEP is returned to Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva.

Ngaben ceremonies are usually held by family relatives of those who died, as respect of a child against her parents. In this ceremony is usually to spend 15 million fund's 20 million rupiah. The ceremony is usually done with the flamboyant, no sob mourning, in Bali because there is a confidence that we can not mourn those who have died because it could hamper travel to the spirit of the place.

Day of Ngaben determined to find a good day is usually determined by Pedanda. Several days before the ceremony was held Ngaben families assisted by the community will create a "Bade and cattle", which is made from wood majestic, colorful paper and other materials. "Bade and cattle" This is a place where the corpse will be carried out Ngaben.

Morning when the ceremony was held, families and relatives and the community will gather to prepare the ceremony. Corpses will be cleaned, or what's called "Nyiramin" by the community and family, "Nyiramin" is led by people who are considered the most elderly in the community. After the corpse will be traditional Balinese dress like people who are still alive. Before the event peak implemented, the whole family will the past and provide a nice spirit of prayer get a good place. Once everything is ready, the corpse will be placed in "Bade" Bring to troop to the grave where Ngaben ceremony, accompanied by a "gamelan", "sacred ballad", and followed the entire family and community, in front of the "Bade" there is a white cloth meaningful long as the spirit opening the road to the place of their origin. At each junction or the crossroad "Bade" will be played 3 times. Arriving at the grave, Ngaben ceremony was held with corpses lay in the "cattle", which has been prepared begins with ceremonies and prayers of the mantras of Ida Pedanda, and "cattle" to be burned to Abu. Abu is then removed to the Sea or the river is considered holy.

After the ceremony, the family can quietly pray from the ancestral shrines and holy places respectively. This is the cause of family ties in Bali is very strong, because they always remember and respect lelulur and also their parents.There is a belief that the ancestral spirits that reincarnation will be back in the family circle again, so is usually a grandchild is a reincarnation of her parents.

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