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Monday, February 18, 2013

Joger Bali: A factory of humorous souvenirs

Joger - Bali

Joger is an award winning shop that sells souvenir goods such as T-shirts, sandals, statues, traditional handicrafts and certain avant-garde merchandises. The shop I went to was their second store in Baturiti, Tabanan and damn was it big. You can practically find almost everything you would see on the street souvenir shops in that one building.
If you can’t speak or read Indonesian, this souvenir shop may not necessarily be for you, unless of course you are looking for cheap handicraft. Joger is a souvenir shop that is highly popular among domestic tourists as it primarily sells t-shirt with jokes written on it. Personally, I find the jokes to be rather lame, but that’s what makes it funny. For example, instead of a ‘Toilet’ sign on the shop wall, you would see ‘translated: The central office where you are to dump excessive digested energy’. Yeah, sounds super lame right?
Definitely recommend if you are in Bali to visit it. Just mention the name ‘Joger’ to any local, most will know what and where it is. I guarantee it.

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