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Friday, September 11, 2015

It’s Easy to Get Halal Foods in Bali

It’s Easy to Get Halal Foods in Bali

halal food in Bali

Many Muslim travelers may think that finding halal foods in Bali can be a little difficult as this island is home to Hindu. But, actually, is not that difficult to get halal foods during your vacation here. Especially when your stay is in the city area nearby Denpasar. Even when you are staying in the suburbs or secluded villages on the island, you can still get halal food. You just need to be more patient in asking the local food sellers.

Politely ask the sellers about the food they sell whether it contains pork or not is the first option. Be sure to always ask before you buy any foods in local restaurants in any Bali villages.

Things become easier when you are staying in Denpasar and nearby districts. Halal foods are always available in “Padang Restaurants”. This restaurant provides menu ala Padang. You will find the world-famous food ‘rendang’ here. Actually, Padang Restaurant can be found almost in a whole Bali, but only those in the city or nearby Denpasar that 24-hours open.

halal food in Bali

When you are going to eat in any restaurants in Bali, always be careful to read the menu. When you find the words like “bak, char siu, chu nyuk, zhu rou” in a menu, that means the food provided contains pork. The terms are from Chinese as they are also the part of Bali.

The easiest way to get halal food is, of course, by eating fast food in KFC or McDonald. However, if you stay for quite a long in Bali, eating fast food every day is certainly not good for your health.

Another easy way is by asking for assistance from the staffs from the hotel you stay at. They usually will be glad to assist you in showing you which restaurant can provide halal menu or they may help you order some halal food. To ensure that you can easily get halal foods during your vacation in Bali, you can contact the reservation or customer service of the hotel you have booked. You can ask them in details whether they can help you in getting halal food or if they can provide it for your stay.

All in all, getting halal food in Bali is easy. Just need a bit more effort. So, for you Muslim, just take a vacation in Bali like you go to other places in our country, Indonesia.


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