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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

6 Awesome Places You Must Visit in Denpasar Bali

6 Awesome Places You Must Visit in Denpasar Bali

awesome places in denpasar bali

What comes into your mind by hearing the name of Denpasar Bali? Capital city of the isle? Yes. The city where the international airport is in? Yes. The biggest city in Bali? Yes. Yupp, all the hints are correct. Denpasar is all of those. Now, one more to add in case you haven’t known about it, Denpasar is also the center of attraction. Here are the 6 awesome places you must visit in Denpasar Bali.

This beach is only 10 kilometers away from Denpasar or about 30 minutes drive. It’s in the east of the city so it’s very beautiful to view sunrise in this beach. Many starred hotels are built nearby the beach so you can easily find places to accommodate you here. The same goes with restaurants and cafes. One more thing, now is available seawalker in Sanur. So, for you who are afraid of diving or snorkelling, but want to experience under water beauty, you can try this seawalker.

Located in Denpasar, Museum Bali is about 45 drives from Ngurah Rai Airport. It stores relics of the past and ethnographic. The collections stored in this museum consist of ethnographic things  such as tools and equipments of daily life, arts, religion, literature and other things reflect the Balinese’s culture.

awesome places in denpasar bali

Bajra Sandhi Monument is a monument built to admire Balinese people struggle. It is located in front of the Bali Governor's Office in Renon, Denpasar, Bali. It is built in a large area and there are several football fields surround it.

awesome places in denpasar bali

Serangan is a small island located at the south of Denpasar. It is only about 500 meters from Denpasar. It is principally known for its turtles. Serangan is also recognized for having one of Bali 's six most sacred temples Pura Sakena.

Pasar Kumbasari is the biggest traditional market in Denpasar. Pasar is Indonesian’s word for ‘market’. This market is open 24 hours every day. In the morning, the market provides various groceries, while in the afternoon and night it transforms become the market of souvenirs and handicrafts of Bali. If you shop for souvenirs here, you should carefully bargain to get cheap prices. Balinese souvenirs like silver craft, Batik Bali, Bali accessories and Tenun Ikat Bali can be found easily in this market.

  1. Taman Budaya Art Centre
Located on Jalan Nusa Indah, it’s only 2 kilometers to the east from the city center. Taman Budaya Art Centre is built to conserve Bali traditional art and culture. There are many parts of this art center, but basically it is divided into 3 sections: Lokasi Suci/Tenang (Quiet area), Lokasi Setengah Ramai (Semi-Vibrant Area) and Lokasi Ramai (Vibrant Area). In the vibrant area, there is Ardhacandra Open Stage, which is a specific place to hold traditional dance performance and other shows.

awesome places in denpasar bali

Those are 6 awesome places you must visit when you are in Denpasar. There are still more awesome places, but those six are most recommended. If you are looking for comfortable private accommodation nearby Denpasar, you can come to Seminyak and stay in a villa hotel.

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