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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

5 Most Romantic Places in Bali

most romantic places in Bali

Bali never ceases to attract people from around the globe to visit and admire its beauty. You will always meet various visitors with various purposes come to Bali every time. This island is definitely an island of paradise for its endless amazing tourism spots. Ranges from beautiful beaches, green rice fields and forests, blue mountains, tranquil lakes, stunning waterfalls until unique and interesting traditional Balinese cultures, Bali will amaze you to no end, give you unforgettable and remarkable time when you choose to spend your holiday or special moments there.

For newlywed couples or romantic couples that want to carve memorable experience of their love life, Bali is certainly the best destination to opt. With its exoticness and beauty, you and your beloved one should find this island as a great place to enrich the love between. So that you can find the right place for your romantic holiday in Bali, I would be more than glad to reckon these five places below. Here you are:

      1.     Ubud
Ubud rural area is often called as Heaven for Spa Lovers. Villages in Ubud are well-known for their beauty perfect for resting and relaxation place. Here you will see beautiful green rice fields in shape like stairs with green hills at the background. The air in Ubud villages is fresh and nice, make your stay here more comforting, peaceful. If you are looking for a tranquil place to spend more quality time with your spouse, choosing Ubud is recommended. Here you will be like closer to the nature.

most romantic places in Bali

      2.     Lovina Beach
Lovina Beach is quite far from the capital city Denpasar, however you shouldn’t be reluctant to visit this beach. Why? Simply because it is definitely a sight to behold. Lovina Beach has its own exoticness with natural dolphin parade at the center of its sea. You can also take a walk on its long black sand beach with your spouse while enjoying the panorama.
most romantic places in Bali

      3.     Jimbaran
Jimbaran has been long known as fisherman area. This town is famous as the center of seafood cuisines. Supported with high facilities nearby such as world class hotels and restaurants, planning dinner in Jimbaran can be a great choice, especially for newlywed who wants to have romantic dinner.
Along the shore, you can find many rows of tables and chairs neatly arranged. You can order various delicious seafood where you can decide the cook method of that seafood based on your favorite.

most romantic places in Bali

      4.     Uluwatu
Uluwatu is very popular as the place for wedding reception. You can take your spouse here in the evening to watch Kecak Dance—which is a famous traditional unique group dance from Bali. Or, you can also enjoy listening to music that will certainly appear romantic atmosphere in your date.
Then, you can close the night with a dinner in one of many cafes that reside along the cliff in Uluwatu. This is so romantic, isn’t it?

      5.     Legian dan Seminyak Beach
The next recommended romantic place is Legian and Seminyak Beach. These two beaches are located in Kuta and close to each other. Since they are located in the same and close beach line, you will find that these two beaches are similar to Kuta Beach, only that they are not as crowded as Kuta. And because they are less crowded, you can plan your date better in one of these two beaches. You can view sunset together at Seminyak Beach, for example.

most romantic places in Bali

Hope these five romantic places in Bali can give you ideas in planning your romantic holiday or honeymoon. Never forget to plan everything carefully so your vacation will go on smoothly. Have a great great romantic moment ^_<


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